When I’m in transit, I always feel an odd sense of peace. Never quite here or there. Waiting, but not in a bad way. I love being able to not be anywhere but just here with my thoughts. And what may my thoughts be exactly at this moment? Well of course that’s an easy one. Food.

The past two days were spent on a spontaneous trip to Toronto. And now I have just awaken from a three hour long and much needed nap, on a train heading back home. And yes, I still have the pulled pork poutine stain on my tights from last night, or this morning you could say.

Visiting a big city really makes me realize the huge opportunity for growth one has. Knowing that I am going home back to a simple lifestyle of school and work, with no time for exploration or new experience, makes me anxious. So what better way to explore and create than with food.

And that’s the point of this all. To track my journey and progress and explore my love of food. Join me?


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