A little update!

Wow, it has been a hectic few months, as you can tell from my lack of blogging! I don’t have a recipe, instead I wanted to share a little something special with you. These past weeks have been filled with frantic phone calls with my overly-prepared-for-every-situation mother, whom I love very much (Hi mom!), planning, and shopping. Only to be followed by a 12 hour day of baking. But, I must say, it was worth every minute to be able to share our work with my wonderful cousin and his beautiful new bride!

My mother and I put together our first desert table, which I believe turned out wonderful thanks to my mothers artistic decorating style. I just did the baking. So, 100 cupcakes and my first fondant experience later here we are!







I was so happy with how everything turned out. This was my first time baking on a scale this large, but it was an amazing experience. Also, it was my first time working with fondant – it didn’t turn out perfectly, but I am proud of my first attempt. This really made me realize how much I enjoy cooking and sharing it with others, no matter how stressful or long the process may be. I cannot wait for my next challenge!

And the lovely bride and groom…



One of my favourite photos of the night. A lebanese tradition at weddings is to shower the bride and groom with $1 bills. Always a fun time!


My mother and I being very happy all of the hard work is done! Yes, this is my mother. Not my sister.





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  1. You ladies did a spectacular job! The table and desserts looked amazing.

  2. Absolutely stunning table! Very classy! And the ladies who made it, too 😉

  3. Wow Is all I can say,, I will even say it backwards ,, wow .. Your mother is smoken hot .. Hey mother want another (wink ) Your Guy is a lucky man .

    Great work Ms.Rustic spoon Very proud to say I know you ..and your true love of food reflects in the labor that is seen via effort on this fantastic display of 100 cup cakes and other sweets .
    Your Mother tied it all together with a comforting “down home warm feeling ” in her Creative lay out to bring the mood to life .
    Very impressive.

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