Baguette French Toast

Sometimes it takes a little bit of alone time, and a few bottles of wine, to gain back momentum and get back on track. This morning I woke up to pouring rain, feeling refreshed and finally ready to leave the bed I had been hibernating in for days. And a simple twist on one of my favourite breakfast foods was just enticing enough to get me back into the kitchen. Yes, it is a simple recipe that is well known to most, but sometimes the simple things are what one needs to bring them back to reality.


A recent trip to Montreal has gifted me with my most favourite maple syrup ever. And with a day old baguette staring at me, it fell together perfectly. I love making french toast with a baguette. You have the lovely crunchy and thick crust and dense bread to soak up all of the eggy goodness. For me, it’s perfect. If you like your french toast with a little bit of a bite, I suggest you give this a try.

You would prepare this like any other french toast. Begin with whisking together a few eggs, a splash of cream or milk, a few teaspoons of cinnamon, perhaps some nutmeg. To add an additional twist, a splash of orange juice to lighten things up a bit. After slicing the baguette I like to soak it in the mixture for quite a while, depending on how old the bread is. Don’t be shy here, the longer the bread soaks the more flavour will be able to make it’s way into the bread. Fry these up in a pan with a dab of butter over medium heat and then top with berries, ricotta, nuts or seeds – but do not forget the maple syrup. And not that sugary imitation kind either. Enjoy!


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