Fall has been off to a rough start. My body and mind does not want to budge; I am not fully prepared to face the harsh cold and gloomy days of winter. I have spent the past week in bed during all of my spare time, struggling to adjust to the change this year. Anyone else with me on that one?

I really do want to embrace the change and welcome in warming meals, oversized sweaters and purchasing an excessive amount of wool socks – but just not yet. I know, I’m running out of time. The pressures of Christmas baking are already looming in my mind.

So, in  conclusion I am still in denial… And I have for you these lovely bright and nourishing summer rolls. What I love most about these is the ability to load them up with a variety of vegetables, herbs and flavourings making them full of wonderful nutrients to beat those gloomy days. My favourite combination is mango and basil and sometimes shrimp if I’m feeling up to it. If not, these are wonderful for a plant based diet.





Rice Paper

Fillings: I used finely julienned carrots & cucumber, red leaf lettuce (kept whole), basil, finely sliced mango, sprouts. Feel free to use any veggies/herbs you’d like – shrimp also works well! 

Peanut Sauce (Recipe here)

Grab a shallow dish and fill with about a centimetre of water. Working with one roll at a time, dip each rice paper into the water for 10-15 seconds, remove and pat dry with a clean dish towel. Begin with layering a leaf of lettuce so it covers the top half of the rice paper, then add a few pieces of basil, then the rest of the fillings. Fold the rice paper in half from the bottom and then tightly roll the opposite way. Easy, right?




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