I’m Jenelle. I love to eat and I love to create. I know I have a huge passion for food, but I really had to think about what it is that I love so much about food. I needed to know my focus, what really inspires me, and what I’m good at. I have come down to a few conclusions. Food is the main energy for life; it is everything from the fuel in our bodies to the fuel to our relationships. It inspires. It is a creative outlet that accompanies all of the senses.

Most importantly, I want to emphasize that this is a journey. I have been searching for my niche for so long, only to realize that it is placed in front of me every day, on my plate. I am no expert. No professional culinary mastermind. Simply, just a girl who has an intense, long lasting love affair with food. I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I do!

And this is me.. Always stuffing my face.



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  1. A recipe has no soul .You as the cook must bring the soul to the recipe and
    Waked up those dead taste buds
    Good Work Ms. Rustic Spoon .

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